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The Company

Commercial Real Estate


  Commercial real estate projects are an important part of the company's asset portfolio. RSG develops commercial real estate projects as component of Integrated Urban Development projects, and as standalone projects. Renova StroyGroup is interested in the development of shopping and office centers, congresshalls, business-parks for small and medium businesses, medical centers and logistic parks.
Commercial real estate development is one of the key success factors of the Integrated Urban Development projects. All IUD projects implemented by Renova StroyGroup provides for creation of a powerful business core, which consists of commercial premises of different types and formats. Such core plays a role of a pole of attraction to the project center and creates infrastructure for small and medium business development and results in new jobs. Commercial premises developed by RSG give tenants and customers an opportunity to do business using the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies. The company is interested in implementation of high-quality and profitable commercial real estate projects in mutually beneficial partnerships. To develop its commercial real estate projects RSG is actively looking for specialized professional developers and investors.  

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