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IUD projects

Integrated Urban Development (IUD) is the core market product of Renova StroyGroup. The main purpose of an IUD project is creation of a new comfortable urban living environment.

  • The attractiveness of an IUD is achieved through elaboration of well-balanced town-planning concept (including housing, infrastructure, commercial real estate, social and leisure facilities) and implementing it at a chosen site.
  • Within an IUD project, special consideration is given to principles of environmental conservation and sustainable development.
  • The IUD projects target different segments of the market and thus have a significant market potential.


Prior and while launching IUD projects, Renova StroyGroup has undertaken a careful study of global experience of integrated development, starting from the period of active growth of large cities in the USA and Japan in the 1960s and in the European countries in the 1970s. Out of the study, the following key principles of successful IUD projects have emerged:

For an IUD project, it is crucial to finely balance comfortable residential areas and business districts that provide the residents with jobs. Therefore, an IUD project represents a wellconsidered combination of residential, industrial zones, warehouse facilities, retail and office programs.

Nowadays it is necessary to harmonize the otherwise heterogeneous urban community by means of providing equally good quality of life for different strata of population. Within an IUD, this is achieved by providing housing of different classes. Different neighbourhoods are at the same time integrated, whereas their inhabitants receive equal access to public realm, social, leisure and recreational facilities.

Newly developed large sites are placed outside the existing cities. An efficient transport system, which ensures the connection between the site and the centre of the city, is necessary to involve the new district into economic processes and to provide the comfort of living for its residents.

Global experience shows that a megalopolis is viable and competitive, if a balance between economic development and environment is found. Thus, one of the most important elements of IUD projects is their sustainability and preservation of environment that is used as a competitive advantage of the site. Environmental harmony in IUD projects is achieved by means of careful treatment of environment at the stage of urban development and engineering works on the site, as well as by means of using state-of-the-art nature-friendly materials and technologies in construction. IUD projects are part of RENOVA Group’s strategic policy to improve the overall economic, social and ecological situation and create centres of growth in the areas where enterprises of the Group are located.


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