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The Company

Corporate strategy

large-scale projects aimed at urban problems’ solution in modern Russian cities. The Company is actively developing its partnerships with government and municipal authorities in order to ensure sustainable socioeconomic development of regions and businesses.

conditions for attracting strategic investors to the regions where its integrated urban development project are implemented. Business activities of the company are linked inseparably with socioeconomic and industrial development of such regions.

on achieving the maximum profitability of its shareholders’ investment and of its assets, and, for that purpose, it uses international standards and corporate governance technologies, makes high demands of employees’ professionalism and tries to strengthen market positions of businesses under its control.

itself on the residential and commercial real estate markets using synergy effects that Integrated Urban Development Projects create.


Renova StroyGroup has appropriate skills and experience in using tools required for a successful implementation of integrated development projects:

  • Usage of public-private partnership mechanisms;
  • Creation of financial partnerships;
  • Creation of strategic partnerships;
  • Access to financial markets’ infrastructure for attracting a wide spectrum of international portfolio investors.


Renova StroyGroup has appropriate skills and experience in implementing any stages of the integrated development process:

  • Evaluation and change in land permitted use status, transfer of land plots into category of lands of settlement (constructible zone), land survey and registration, as well as master planning carried out by world’s leading designers;
  • Development of engineering infrastructure with participation of the state and investors;
  • Conceptualization and feasibility studies for the projects;
  • Construction management and selling of projects & facilities.


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