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“Renova-StroyGroup” personnel management priorities

“Renova-StroyGroup” personnel priorities are based on the principle of renovation, which implies development through advancement. Regular upgrade of managerial techniques, development of key employees’ competencies, skills and knowledge are the factors which allow the company both to develop continuously and to maintain and accumulate personnel potential, corporate traditions and experience.

Manager is a key person in the company. This is mainly a top or a middle-level manager involved in the main corporate activities, acting and thinking on behalf of the company, appreciative of long-term cooperation advantages and valued for the ability to ensure the process of decision-making. As any company frequently faces situations of uncertainty, when adequate and effective decisions that take into account different interests need to be made, an ability to handle such situations is the main competency of a “Renova-StroyGroup” manager.

The relations between “Renova-StroyGroup” and its employees are those of partnership, and it is a corporate policy to continuously coordinate the mutual interests of the company and its personnel:

development of competencies. Priority is given to personal development of the staff members and obtainment of new professional skills. It is the substance of the day to day activities and the ability to make decisions that make employees of “Renova-Stroy Group” competitive. That is why special attention is given to managers’ training which includes both individual and corporate training programmes covering various business issues;
transparency of HR decisions. All HR decisions are made and discussed openly, with participation of managers of all levels and areas of business. Thanks to transparency of contract signing, training and performance evaluation the company is able to make use of mistakes of its employees as a source of development.


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