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To investors

«RENOVA-StroyGroup»  is aware of the great social impact of its projects and committed to the principle of transparency towards society, state authorities, business partners and investors. We are always open to dialogue and discussion of promising ideas and seek to cooperate with Russian and international companies with solid expertise in their fields of work and accomplished projects to their credit.

«RENOVA-StroyGroup»  is interested in cooperation with both financial investors looking at our projects as an efficient mechanism for achieving high and stable profits and professional development companies that can bring in management competencies alongside with financial investments.

«RENOVA-StoryGroup»  management in pursuit of its policy of full transparency towards its shareholders, investors, clients and general public would like to make an official announcement regarding certain financial claims against two subsidiary companies of Renova SG, which appeared recently in some media publications. 
Renova SG being one of the top Russian real estate investors and developers conducts its business with vast number of various business entities across many regions of the Russian Federation. It is not an uncommon practice that companies of the size and statue of Renova SG get involved in various business disputes and claims, while dealing with so many third party business entities. 
It is Renova SG policy not to comment on any ongoing claims, or disputes, in particular against OOO «RENOVA-Development» and OOO «Megastroy», until they are finalized by respective authorities according to the letter of the law and regulations.
In the meantime Renova SG informs all its stakeholders that claims brought up against Renova SG are financially immaterial and will not affects Renova SG’s financial stability and company’s ability to pay all of its financial obligations in a complete and timely manner.
«RENOVA-StroyGroup»  is looking forward to cooperating with the following projects:
2.       Business Park in Akademia City
3.       ESC in Akademia City
4.       A-class business centre in Yekaterinburg
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