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16.11.2012 Vice Governor of the Yaroslavl Oblast, A. Epaneshnikov, gave a high evaluation of the work

Andrey Epaneshnikov, Vice Governor of the Yaroslavl Oblast, paid a working visit to the Yaroslavl construction site of the RENOVA-StroyGroup – the “Apple Posad” Residential District. During the meeting, the vice governor, who is in charge of urban planning, as well as land and property resources, became acquainted with the project’s implementation, talked to residents and journalists, discussed the plans of future development of the neighboring Preobrazhensky District, which has already achieved its final preparation stage.
During the tour of the residential district, Andrey Epaneshnikov was accompanied by Alexey Zakhvatov, General Director of PSP Express (member of the RENOVA-StroyGroup, who is responsible for the implementation of projects in the city of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Oblast). He spoke about the pace of construction, the organization of control over the quality of construction and finishing works, about the interaction with the residents of Yaroslavl, who are already living in the “Apple Posad” and those who are going to move into their apartments in the near future.
The Vice Governor praised the work of the RENOVA-StroyGroup at the site, and was convinced that the new project, Preobrazhensky, will also be a model project, in terms of comfort, safety and accessibility of the residential area, and it will help improve the image of the area as a whole.

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