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01.03.2013 Renova-StroyGroup GC announced rebranding

While talking to reporters, the president of KORTROS GC, Veniamin Golubitsky, noticed that the leadership of the Group of Companies does not consider rebranding to be a simple change of name or image. In fact, it brings to an end the starting development stage of the Renova-StroyGroup GC. Summing up the main results of this stage, Veniamin Golubitsky highlighted the success achieved in the market, which allowed the Group of Companies to be among the leading developers of the country. In many ways, this result was thanks to the fact that Renova-StroyGroup GC was able to offer the market a unique product – integrated development of the regions of the Russian Federation. The Russian abbreviation of this product gave birth to the brand KORTROS.

Integrated Urban Development (IUD) projects mean joining the directions in the construction of new buildings and providing them with the necessary infrastructure – starting with comfortable landscaped yard areas, kindergartens and schools, and ending with the construction of business facilities that provide jobs for the residents in their vicinity. Veniamin Golubitsky told reporters that the leadership of KORTROS GC gives priority to the implementation of such projects, which has become particularly relevant in the Russian reality in the last few years.

“Regardless of the place, where our projects are implemented – be it in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, or elsewhere – they will meet the highest standards. Regardless of geographic location, choosing the KORTROS brand, consumers will get a single product with a single set of services that will ensure them not only affordable housing, but also qualitatively different conditions of life,” said Veniamin Golubitsky.

New Integrated Urban Development projects were presented during a press-lunch, the Group of Companies will start their implementation in 2013. Veniamin Golubitsky answered the questions, addressed by the media concerning such issues as the expansion of the geographic presence of KORTROS GC, the development of regions, given their potential, as well as the development of advanced building technologies, implemented at the facilities of the Group.
Closing the press lunch, President of KORTROS GC, Veniamin Golubitsky, said:

“By our rebranding, we are announcing to the market about a new stage in our development. The Group of Companies passed through its “infancy” and became independent. New global challenges dictate branding changes – and KORTROS GC is comprehensively developing territories across Russia. The result of our activity will be a new generation of facilities that will fundamentally change the face of Russian cities and will bring them to the level of modern European centers.”

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