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Sunny Valley

Sunny Valley is the second Integrated Urban Development (IUD) project to be implemented by Renova StroyGroup. It envisages construction of a satellite town for Chelyabinsk – one of the economically most advanced Russian cities.

Sunny Valley is located 5 km away from the north-western border of the city. Planned residential construction volume is 3.2 mln sqm, non-residential real estate (infrastructure, social and leisure facilities, commercial property) volume totals 1,8 Mio. sqm. Sunny Valley will have a powerful central core comprising an entertainment and shopping centre, a business park, administration and office premises, hotels and a congress hall. The project will have been completed by 2024.
Sunny Valley will be based on the principles of sustainability. It will offer the residents of
Chelyabinsk a choice of a new lifestyle that combines the amenities of urban environments with the benefits of country living. It will improve the living, working and playing conditions of the citizens of Chelyabinsk, raising standards and expectations.

• lead the way in technological and ecological development integrating innovative pioneering technology towards creating a total sustainable community;
• integrate the natural ecology with parklands, local and neighbourhood green spaces to encourage the safeguarding of natural assets into the future;
• create a new urban centre typology as an example of globally conscious and ecologically conscientious community development;
• deliver an ‘edge city’ creating opportunities for Chelyabinsk to grow and incorporate new opportunities and possibilities.

District area — 2500 ha
Buildable area — 1200 ha
Population — 115-120 thousand people
Housing — 3,2 mln sq. m.
Social and commercial real estate — 1,8 mln sq. m.
Project timeline — Until 2024
Project cost — Ca. US$ 8 bln

Developer: Renova StroyGroup
Architect: RTKL UK, Urban Ecology Institute
Consulting: A.T. Kearney

Sergey Lancov Renova StroyGroup - Director of Chelyabinsk Office


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