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The site is prominently located on Lenin Avenue, the city’s main street, approximately 600 m west of Yekaterinburg’s Town Hall and the city’s main square. Site area is 1,8 ha.

The proposed scheme will comprise office and premium residential premises, hotels, shops and restaurants.

The existing administrative building overlooking Lenin Avenue will be reconstructed. The other two storeyed building that has a status of an architectural memorial is going to be restored.

The new mixed-use centre will represent an absolutely new real estate product for Yekaterinburg located at the very heart of the city.

As a signpost and visual focus to the new precinct, the tallest element will be located towards the centre of the site, adjacent to Cheinkmana Avenue the other buildings reduce in scale as they become closer to the context.

The proposal will look to create a mixed-use quarter that sustains activity during the day and evening, as well as connecting with the surrounding neighborhood.

A mixed palette of materials will be applied to give each building a modern appearance with the opportunity for subtle variation to provide a unique identity, with both options utilizing extensive areas of glazing and stone. Buildings will have active frontages to both the street and piazza area, strengthened by the retail uses at ground floor level.


• Developer: Renova StroyGroup
• Architect: Alkuta Architectural Studio
• Total area: 140,000 sq. m.
• Parking area: 26,000 sq. m.
• Transport accessibility: High level of transport accessibility
    30 minutes by car from Koltsovo Airport;
    10-20 minutes by public transport;
    5-10 minutes’ driving distance from the railway station;
    5 minite walk to the underground station;
• Delivery date: commission and lease in 2012

To implement the project we consider creating strategic partnerships with specialized professional developers who have international and local experience in creation of successful large-scale A class office projects.




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