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26.12.2005 Contest for elaboration of the marketing concept of a new region in Ekaterinburg


Of a contest for elaboration of the marketing concept of a new region in Ekaterinburg.
“Renova Stroy Group” ltd announces contest for elaboration of the marketing concept of a new region of   Ekaterinburg. The region will be developed in the south-west of Ekaterinburg, its area being about 1000 hectares. It will be bounded by Institutskaya, Amundsena and Barklaya (the one being designed) streets and the Ekaterinburg ring road and will cater for some 220.000-250.000 inhabitants. The region will offer all kinds of infrastructure – leisure facilities, shopping areas, medical and educational institutions and services, which will allow to create new attractive living conditions. The region will meet all international standards of quality and ecology and fully correspond to the economic and cultural image of Sverdlovsk oblast.
At present, the individual image of the future region is being elaborated to make it truly unique and a perfect place to live in. To achieve this, it is also necessary to create a marketing concept which would combine all the requirements of future inhabitants.
Marketing concept of the region should take into account the following key issues:
-Social factor
elaboration of segmentation strategy: determination of the target audience of the region, of its demands and limitations is one of the key factors in the project success.
- Region identification
elaboration of positioning strategy: determination of the global concept of the region image combining large scale and local context. The region should be regarded as a real city having its own quarters and a centre, as well as a clear identity making it different from other local   and foreign regions, adapted to the target audience mentality and to Russian way of living.
difference of the region parts (residential area, leisure area, business area and service area) should be taken into account. Living conditions offered by the region with its own streets, buildings, leisure and work facilities, green areas, public areas, environment, level of insulation and safety will require special consideration.
- Economic solutions
Economic model of the region is an important part of its marketing concept as it helps to determine reality and utility of the project.
Taking into consideration all the above said, “Renova Story Group” invites for participation those companies which would be interested in elaboration of the marketing concept of this region.
Contest subject:
Right to conclude a contract for elaboration of the marketing concept of the region.
Contest type:
Open by entry list.
Contest conditions:
The contest is held among those participants who applied for participation and submitted the relevant paperwork. The applicant having suggested the most appropriate, according to the jury opinion, conditions will be acclaimed the winner. The sum of the contract for marketing concept elaboration must not exceed 150.000 US dollars, including all taxes (the amount payable in roubles is calculated at the rate of US dollar announced by the Central bank for the date of payment).
Documents required:
1) application containing the price and time of work implementation as well as consent to the contest conditions. The application form must be signed by an authorized person (original is required);
2) artificial body certificate of registration (notarially certified copy);
3)certificate of registration with tax administration (notarially certified copy);
4) statutory documents (notarially certified copies);
5) documents confirming authority of the person having signed the application form: letter of attorney or an extract from the authorization decision of the governing body (original or a notarially certified copy);
6) foreign artificial bodies must submit documents confirming their status and authority of their managing bodies (all documents must have appostille);
7) reference from tax administration confirming full tax and fees payment (original);
6)extract from United Register of Artificial Bodies, issued not earlier than 7 days before the application date.
Marketing concepts must include the following:
1) Overview of the real estate market and housing fund in Ekaterinburg;
2)Description of customer demands and of the level of satisfaction with existing housing conditions and city infrastructure;
3) Description of the target audience of the future region (in segments);
4) Description of the marketing concept product – creation of a new living environment;
5)Possible options for the system core of the region including comparative features of these options with regards to ergonomics and construction regulations;
6)Options for amount and quality of housing (development types, housing classes, etc);
7)Suggestions of architectural dominants (green areas, pedestrian areas, shopping centres, leisure facilities, office buildings, etc);
8) Marketing positioning suggestions considering the target audience mentality;
9) Comparison of economic models of all variants;
10) Estimation of risks in all variants;
11) Model of the influence of suggested variants on Ekaterinburg housing market.
Application submission:
All applications must be in writing and should contain the price of work as well as consent to the contest conditions, all requisite documents being enclosed. A checklist must also be enclosed for the organizers to make a note of acceptance. For applications received by post the organizers will make a note of acceptance on the checklist and send the latter to the applicant.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
1) an artificial body;
2) minimum 5 years of experience in real estate consulting;
3) experience in consulting maintenance of projects in at least two cities of Russia with a population of more than one million people;
4) minimum 15 full-time employees;
5) all paperwork submitted must comply with existing legislation and contest requirements.
All applications will be considered at the address below
“Renova Story Group” ltd, 8/6 Sredniy Ovchinnikovskiy pereulok, Moscow 115184 Russia
tel/fax: 495 755 80 80
Ural branch of “Renova Stroy Group” ltd, office 403,   5-L Lenin street, Ekaterinburg 620014 Russia
Tel: 343 215 90 23, fax: 343 215 90 24
Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 (local time)
Application deadline:
Ural branch of “Renova Stroy Group” ltd, office 403,   5-L Lenin street, Ekaterinburg 620014 Russia
Tel: 343 215 90 23, fax: 343 215 90 24
26 December 2005, 10:00 (Moscow time)
Contact person: Natalia V. Rush
The jury decision will be announced on:
28 December 2005 at 14:00 (Moscow time)
On this date the Organizer considers all application received. The artificial bodies meeting the contest criteria will be admitted for participation and become contest participants. The winner   will be voted by the jury. Contract for elaboration of the marketing concept and presentation file will be concluded not later than fifteen days after signing the contest results protocol.
Contest results:
8 applications received            
The winner is “MIEL Real Estate” ltd

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