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10.05.2006 Contest for implementation of the energetic system project for “Akademia city” region


Of   a contest for implementation of the energetic system project for “Akademia city” region on the basis of cogeneration.
Contest subject:
Right to conclude a contract for laying out the energetic system on the basis of cogeneration of electrical and heat power, including engineering infrastructure of the territory for the first stage of building of “Akademia city” region in Ekaterinburg, bounded by the streets Institutskaya-Amundsena-Barklaya and Patrushikha river. The contract will also imply   full completion of project documentation (stage P) and project maintenance up to its approval by the state expertise.
Contest type:
By entry list-closed
By submission of applications – open.
Contest conditions:
The contest is held among those participants who applied for participation and submitted the relevant paperwork. The applicant having suggested the most appropriate, according to the jury opinion, conditions in terms of price and time of   work implementation, satisfying the qualifying requirements, will be acclaimed the winner.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
1) an artificial body;
2) appropriate valid license;
3) absence of budget and non-budget debts;
4) absence of bankruptcy procedure application;
5) minimum 15 years of experience in the relevant area;
6) minimum 200 qualified members of staff (apart from those working part-time);
7) evidence of completion of analogous (in terms of scale and specificity) work in last 5 years;
8) necessary materiel and technical base;
9) office buildings with a minimum area of 420 square metres;
10) annual turnover in the the main area of business – minimum 140 million roubles;
11) all paperwork submitted must comply with existing existing legislation and contest requirements.
Requisite documents:
1) application containing the price and time of work implementation as well as consent to the contest conditions. The application form must be signed by an authorized person (original is required);
2) artificial body certificate of registration (notarially certified copy);
3) certificate of registration with tax administration (notarially certified copy);
4) statutory documents (notarially certified copies);
5) documents confirming authority of the person having signed the application form: letter of attorney or an extract from the authorization decision of the governing body (original or a notarially certified copy);
6) extract from the United Register of Artificial Bodies, issued not earlier than 7 days before the application date;
7) evidence of bankruptcy procedure application absence, issued by a relevant body;
8) notarially certified copy of valid license;
9) accounting balance of the company (copy verified by an authorized person and the company stamp) containing statement of profit and loss for the previous year and for the last report date (checked by tax administration);
10) reference from tax administration confirming full tax and fees payment;
11)documents confirming office buildings availability (ownership, lease).
Application submission:
All applications must be in writing and should contain the price and time of work implementation, as well as consent to the contest conditions, all the requisite documents being enclosed. A checklist must also be enclosed for the organizers to make a note of acceptance. For applications received by post the organizers will make a note of acceptance on the checklist and send the latter to the applicant.
“Renova Stroy Group-Academicheskoye” ltd
All applications will be considered at the address below
Ural branch of “Renova Stroy Group” ltd, office 502, 5-L Lenin street, Ekaterinburg 620014, Russia
Tel: 343 215 90 23, fax: 343 215 90 24
Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 (local time)
Application deadline:
Ural branch of “Renova Stroy Group” ltd, office 403,   5-L Lenin street, Ekaterinburg 620014 Russia
8 May 2006, 10:00 (Moscow time)
Jury secretary: Natalia V. Rush
Technical adviser: Evgeny S. Ivanov, tel: 215 90 76
The jury decision will be announced on:
10 May 2006 at 14:00 (Moscow time)
On this date the Organizer considers all application received. The artificial bodies meeting the contest criteria will be admitted for participation and become contest participants. The winner will be voted by the jury. Contract for the energetic system design implementation   will be concluded not later than five days after signing the contest results protocol.
Contest results:
3 applications received            

The winner is “Design institute “Giprocommunenergo” ltd                                                                                

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